Windows Phone 7 Supported Touch Gestures

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By: Anton D. Nagy | Date: 22-Jul-10 | 1 Comments
You'll be happy to find out that Windows Phone 7 will support four simultaneous user touch input points to enable unique application interactions. This would be very useful for games or musical instrument applications as well as painting programs. Also, the upcoming mobile OS from Microsoft will recognize five single-touch and one multi-touch gesture.

The single touch gestures include:
1. the Tap which we already know by now with Finger up executing the action. A tap also stops any type of content from moving on the screen;
2. the Double Tap which toggles between in and out zoom states of a control or an application;
3. the Pan which is used to either move content on the screen or reorder a specific item;
4. the Flick that moves content from one area to another area. The difference between Flick and Pan is that the Flick ends with lifting the finger off the screen.
5. the Touch and Hold, which we are used to calling long tap and is used to display a context menu or options page for an item.

The one multi-touch gesture is the Pinch and Stretch which is similar to what we've seen on latest devices (also known to most of you as pinch to zoom) and it provides continuous zoom on content with the center of the zoom located at the center of the two fingers.

Do you find anything missing?
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