Why You’ll Want a Windows Phone

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By: Adam Z Lein | Date: 13-Jul-10 | 4 Comments
It turns out iPhone loyalist, Ben Gracewood, has been very impressed with Windows Phone 7. He's written an article that lists and explains a number of things that make him very confident of Windows Phone’s impending superiority. We're talking about Windows Phone's seamless convergence of social networking and communications accounts, the pure joy of developing Windows Phone 7 applications, and a Marketplace that offers trial version and beta distribution capabilities.

The best is the user interface design though.
There’s one line from the Metro design language presentation that really stuck with me: “Fierce Reduction of Unnecessary Elements“. And they don’t just pay lip services to this: if you wait for a few moments, the Windows Phone user interface does away with the battery and signal strength icons.

The clarity and consistency of the WP7 design is just hands-down gorgeous.

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