40th Birthday “Evening With” Will Be For TV!

July 7th @ 12:46 am | 1 Comment » | Scooped by Robb J, Ricky Dunham, JT Schwimer, Clint Harper, Mike "Movie Miguel" Kopcak
  • Via a recent interview with E! Online, Kevin dropped a major bit of news on a few subjects of great interest to us and our readers. First up, he’s confirming that “Red State” is still set for an August start, and unknowns are being cast so it doesn’t take you out of the movie (seeing known actors in roles sort of ruins the realism of a flick like this, so great decision there). Second, “Evening 4″, which will be taped in August 2nd live in Red Bank, New Jersey, will debut on TV before what we’re assuming will be the eventual DVD. No idea what networks we’re talking here, though we can imagine it might be for a pay channel so censorship isn’t a problem. Finally, his desire to return to Dante and Randal sometime in his 40’s with a “Clerks 3″ is still there, thankfully. Here’s the snippets:
      Do you have any big plans to celebrate turning 40 on August 2? I’ve been very blessed, and I’ve been celebrated by a bunch of people many times over the years. So much so that the idea of throwing myself a birthday party just to be like, “I’m 40, motherf–kers!” just feels, for me, kind of gauche. Instead we are going to tape a TV show. I’ve done three DVDs of An Evening with Kevin Smith and the next one we’re doing for TV. Do you ever want to do another Clerks film and, if so, will you bring the original cast back again? Yeah, probably in my mid-40s. I wouldn’t do it without those guys, though, I mean, unless one of them died. But I don’t think I’d bring Jay and Silent Bob back because I just think in their mid-40s, it would be more depressing than funny. What’s the next movie we are going to see from you? Red State is what we’re shooting in August. It’s a political horror movie, essentially. We’re still casting right now, but I don’t want to cast anybody that anybody knows because that takes you right out of the flick. The idea is what’s going to sell the movie.
    Wouldn’t it e great to see Jay and Bob back in “Clerks 3″, but as investment bankers or something crazy like that? Just a total change in character over 10 years or something. As we learn more about the plans for the show to be broadcast on TV, and “Red State”, we’ll have it for you here. Thanks also to /film for picking up the story and bringing it to our attention.

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