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July 7th @ 12:45 am | 1 Comment » | Scooped by Matthew Brandenburg, Kelly Dawson, Ricky Dunham
  • New York Magazine runs a fantastic NSFW video montage of the “100 Greatest Movie Insults” – We’re particularly fond of the moment at 8:37 (and 2:39!). But seriously, watch it all, it’s truly a great compilation.
  • One of the benefits of the annual “Crazy 4 Cult” shows are the cool works with Askew tributes that come out of the woodwork. Check out Dave MacDowell’s “Stand By Snootch” for example.
  • It’s pretty easy to guess what Hollywood.com’s list of “The United States of Movies” would select for New Jersey, but still worth a surf over to see that and their other choices on the clickable map.

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