Microsoft Cans 1 Vs. 100 for Xbox 360

Microsoft Cans 1 Vs. 100 for Xbox 360 Just as we suspected, Microsoft confirmed today that there will be no third season for their Xbox 360 version of 1 Vs. 100 and that the game won't be returning.
"When we started on this journey, we knew we were creating an entirely new genre of entertainment that would be a continually evolving concept," said Dave McCarthy, General Manager, Microsoft Game Studios. "We're very proud of the ‘1 vs 100' team and their accomplishments, and are excited to apply what we've learned to future programming."
During the beta season more than 114,000 people played the game on Xbox Live simultaneously.
According to Microsoft the 1 Vs. 100 team is now "focusing their skills and applying the technology used to develop "1 vs 100" to new projects that will be unveiled in the future."
Let's hope that Microsoft is more supportive of those projects then they apparently were of this one.

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