Six Devices Likely to Run Windows Phone 7 this Fall

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By: Anton D. Nagy | Date: 20-Jul-10 | 28 Comments
PDAdb.net, the Comprehensive Database of PDA, PDA Phone, Smartphone, PNA & Mobile Device Specifications, has records for so far six upcoming Windows Phone 7 Devices from various manufacturers, hitting the market Q4 2010, according to Preliminary Specifications. It's just a matter of when Microsoft decides to go live with the highly anticipated but controversial OS, but we can't wait till Fall.

Here's the line-up so far:
1. Toshiba TG03
2. HTC Touch Diamond 3 (HTC Obsession)
3. LG Panther GW910
4. LG Apollo GW990
5. Dell Lightning EU-US
6. HTC Mondrian/Gold/Mozart

As far as technical specifications are concerned, they're more or less at the same level with Microsoft's strict hardware requirements for Windows Phone 7. The LG Apollo GW990 and the HTC Mondrian are listed with the new 32 bit Qualcomm Snapdragon QSD8650/A processor running at an amazing speed of 1300MHz. Nevertheless, the European version of the Dell Lightning is looking extremely attractive to me, both spec and aspect-wise. See them all compared here. What's your flavor?
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