Possibly More GTA IV Next Year

Possibly More GTA IV Next Year

Analyst Todd Mitchell, who works for Kaufman Bros. Equity Research, told GamesIndustry.biz that he fully expects Rockstar Games and Take Two Interactive to release two new GTA IV epsiodes for the year of 2010.

Mitchell had this to say: "I would expect that there would be two more pieces of downloadable content for GTA IV, that's what has been indicated to me, although formats are unsure. It's been indicated to me that would be the case."

Although the formats are unsure at this time, it looks like the DLC will be released for both the PS3 and 360.

Mitchell also stated that he expects Rockstar and Take Two to release GTA IV by 2011. After the release of GTA V, Take Two is expected to put its efforts into a different game franchise, so it does not become dependent on one game series.

More GTA is always a good thing and The Lost and Damned was a great add-on when it was launched. Don't forget, the next GTA IV episode, The Ballad of Gay Tony, will be released exclusively on the 360, this fall.


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