I AM DEWmocracy 2.0


What Is DEWmocracy?

DEWmocracy was a campaign launched by Mountain Dew and actor Forest Whitaker to allow online voters to select the next new flavor of Mountain Dew to be released in 2008. Three flavors were introduced; Supernova, a strawberry-melon flavor; Revolution, a berry flavor; and Voltage, a raspberry-citrus flavor. Each flavor included ginseng. On August 17, Voltage was announced as the winning flavor. It was released on December 29, 2008

The Year 2009:

July 19th in fact, Dew introduces the world to the DEW LABS CHALLENGE giving 50 lucky Dewciples a shot to win one of 50 limited edition tasting kits!

Including: 7 NEW flavors of DEW, a DEW Flip Mino Camera, and one-of-a-kind piece of art!

Those 50 winners will help decide what 3 new Mountain Dew Flavors will be apart of

DEWmocracy 2.0 (or at least thats what i hope they are goin to call it) :-p

So, in the after noon of July 21, (after checking the DEW twitter page) The last day of the contest. I Mike "Movie Miguel" decided to make a 12 video, seriously they called me "Mountain Dew" Mike in high school and to this day my Dew legacy lives on.

MovieMiguel on 12seconds.tv

I posted it all over my twitter, myspace, facebook and web site. I went to bed. All day Wed. (when winners were to be notified) all I saw all over twitter were the winners posting there videos, now I did not expect great things from my video, but after viewing some of the winners I was not impressed, and i expressed theses feeling via twitter, and some people had agreed with me, only to find out just a few hours ago I had been chosen as a winner, and Dew had been trying to get a hold of me for 2 days.

Yes, you heard me correctly yours truly Mike "Movie Miguel"... or "Mountain Dew" Mike HAS BEEN CHOSEN 1 of 50 PEOPLE IN THE WORLD, TO HELP SHAPE THE FUTURE OF MOUNTAIN DEW! more videos and fun stuff to come! stay tuned to my:

From Dew Twitter:
Posted about 5:30 pm 07.23.09:
" thank you to EVERYONE who submitted a #dewlabs entry. the team was blown away by your passion for DEW. we have the BEST fans ever"

the #dewlabs challenge is officially over. all 50 winners have been contacted & have responded. congrats to all winners!"

I will also try to Join the Dew Labs team on Friday, July 31, 2009, 11:00am - 5:00pm (offical run time, i wont be there that long sorry) @ the Speedway on Old SR-74 to try all 7 potential new flavors of DEW. Vote for your favorite and you could win a year’s supply of Mountain Dew. Get your photo taken and it could end up on our Facebook site, or your video experience could end up on our YouTube site.

To Mountain Dew: I really hope I can help or do anything I need to help out in the future, viral marketing, gorilla marketing, social networking, you name it I can do it, or try my hardest! I dont ask for much just some DEW or DEW stuff :p
Also when I get my house I want a dew line in it like people get beer taps. I want a Dew tap, is this possible?



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