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Would you buy a curved TV from NEC for $10,000?

by Daniel Long on Jun 4, 2009

NEC has developed an ultra curved 43" CRV43 TV in the US with all the whistles and bells you'd expect from a drool worthy TV specimen. But at that price, let's hope your drool is coated in gold.

The ultra curved NEC CRV43 is first and foremost a pricey desktop monitor for graphic and gaming enthusiasts. And it would also be a pretty neat TV to watch your favourite films on.

But that doesn't mean us mouth breathing commoners can't look upon it with jealous, wanting eyes. It's like four small monitors sealed together to make one mother of all display devices.

The monitor, which looks more like a warped TV panel, boasts some very impressive specs under the hood. For instance, the response time of this bad boy is just 0.02 seconds. That's superman fast in gaming response times. Best of all (and most tech worthy) is the outrageously kickass resolution: 2880x990 - take that 1080i lovers!

Although, we're still not sure if you would get more out of your Blu-Ray collection with a curved display rather than a traditional flat panel, we know it looks good and that's all that counts at the Jones household.

For now, it's still just a US only release by the looks of thing, but with an $US8000 price tag (about $AU10,000 according to recent exchange rates), it doesn't exactly rattle off as cheap in this whole recession we're kinda having/not having right now.

Still, this is a piece of visual beauty certainly worth drooling over, especially if your tech drool is the type can oozes liquid gold. We can dream, can't we?

click to view full size image
The NEC CRV43 boast 2880x990 resolution, ensuring instant tech jealously.


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