Project Natal Is...White?

Project Natal Is...White? Released last year, this is the official concept promotional image of Microsoft's upcoming motion control system Project Natal. It is black.
Project Natal Is...White? "Project Natal" is the code name for Microsoft's controller-free motion controls that, as the promotional clip states, makes the players the controller.
Project Natal Is...White? But even when the device was on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon last year, it was covered so that the audience could not see it.
Project Natal Is...White? Reporter Timo Michael from German cable station RTL had an opportunity to check out Project Natal; however, instead of a black Natal device, a white-colored device was shown in his report. The device seems to be similar to the black Project Natal shown in concept photos.
Project Natal Is...White? Does this mean that the final hardware is white? Or is it white and black to match the existing hardware? Is it a prototype? A development kit? Kotaku is following up with Microsoft to clarify.
Recently, a Swedish retailer priced Project Natal as costing the equivalent of around US$200.

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