LaBeouf Says Transformers 3 Will be Better

Source: The Associated Press
May 13, 2010

Shia LaBeouf told The Associated Press that Transformers 3 "brings the heart back to the franchise." He starts working on the third installment on Tuesday.

The new script restores a human element that got lost in the second movie, LaBeouf said. "When I saw the second movie, I wasn't impressed with what we did," LaBeouf said at the Cannes Film Festival. "There were some really wild stunts in it, but the heart was gone."

In related news, actress/comedienne Kym Whitley talked more about her role to BV on Movies.

"I usually don't like mentioning that I am working on 'Transformers' because I was also in 'Transformers 2' and I got cut out," she said. "So I try not to get excited about working on the project until I see the final edit, because you never know what's going to happen."

She added that "The real excitement about working on the film just comes from working with [director] Michael Bay. He writes these parts for me and just lets me roll with it. You can't beat that. It's kind of like working with Larry David, when I did 'Curb Your Enthusiasm.' Michael Bay works fast though. He laughs a lot, too. You rarely get someone to just tell you to go ahead and do your thing. That's the beauty of working with him."

Transformers 3 is coming to theaters on July 1, 2011.

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