Will we finally get ‘Cross Game Voice Chat’?

March 20, 2010 by Ryan Lineker  
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With the recent addition of Playstation.Blog Share onto the US PlayStation website does this mean that Sony will finally be listening to the ideas of PlayStation users and implement want they want on to the console?
This seems like a far off dream for many users who have been posting there ideas on what they want on the Official PlayStation Forums for along time now and have seen nothing returned. One of these big requests that keep on repeating themselves in new threads is the request of ‘Cross Game Voice Chat’. The feature that is currently included on Xbox Live allows gamers to speak to people on their friends list without being in the same game or lobby as themselves. This idea is currently topping the leader boards of the most voted for ideas. So does this finally mean that we will get Cross Game Voice Chat? It all depends if Sony will actually listen this time.
As well as Cross Game Voice Chat on the leader board there are some other ideas that would be awesome if Sony decided to implement into the next firmware update. These include:
  • PS2 Software Emulation – allowing every PlayStation 3 to play PlayStation 2 games.
  • Automatically Syncing Trophies – meaning as soon as you get a trophy it tells Sony’s servers.
  • New PS3 Browser – to stop users having to use the rubbish browser at the moment.
  • Auto Read Messages On Pressing Of PS Button –  So when you receive a message you don’t have to travel through the XMB.
  • New Avatars – Pretty self explanatory.
  • Adding PS2 Games To The PSN Store – So you can download them if there’s no backwards compatibility.
But some people are sceptical about this thinking that it is a very sophisticated and clever market research tool to get ideas on what PlayStation users want. This may then allow Sony to implement these ideas into their upcoming premium service, so if you want one of these features you have to pay for it.


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