Hot Tub Time Machine Reviewed

So its been at least 12 hours since I've seen the hot tub time machine in theaters march, 26th 2010 I've had sometime to think about it and I've concluded that I really want to see it again... Soon! That's to go with out saying the movie did have its flaws. Imp going on record a full month before the movies actual USA release date and saying its the movie of the year, so far & certainly the best comedy of the year, though my hope is Kevin smith's "cop out" out Friday will give it a run for its money. 

So down to the nitty gritty this isn’t a plot recap and its not spoilers if u want that go to wikipedia or imdb. A few negative points I would like to bring up I will try to cite examples as best I can.  First the plot is really good the movie is cast very well, though there are a lot of things that were just omitted or never explained such as "white buffalo" or the Chevy Chase charter he's just kind of there. One of the biggest things that bugged me was the fact that when they went back in time the first time, they leave the hot tub next scene you see them skiing & snowboarding one charter even makes a comment about the "plank" the kid is on. Ok so no so bad, the scene following that the are back in there room going though all there stuff & its all there stuff from the 80s. So wait they kept a change of cloths skis & snowboard in the hot tub while drunk & naked? I must have missed that part.

like I said the plot & dialog very funny there are some joke people would deem "pc" I love those jokes movies need more of that but I digress. Technically mainly the green screening some if it is just god awful example the driving scene near the beginning it took me out of the scene on just how bad it is, I swear at one point john
cusack's face is all green from the light reflecting off the green screen. In the same scene cusack's & nick's glasses if you look closely you see the lights reflecting in there shades. Also the green screening during the roof top scene is just as bad. I don't want anyone to think this is an attack on this movie like I stated earlier I loved this movie people are sometimes overly critical of things they love im this way in this review because I really liked this movie and want to see it again ASAP!

I feel this movie could be better and should be better; I want it to be better. I really hope I get more opportunities to see movies way in advance like this in the future.

7 out of 10
(9 out of 10 if they fix it)


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