Netflix Streaming Demonstrated on Windows Phone 7 Series

Thanks to "Movie Miguel" and Andyg8180 for sending this in.

Update: Engadget has a video of the Windows 7 Netflix app demo, and at this point it looks like it's just a prototype they built as a proof of concept. It's still interesting to finally see Netflix streaming on a phone.
Engadget reports that Netflix streaming will be available on Windows 7 phones:

We just got a quick at Netflix for Windows Phone 7 Series, one of the third-party apps Microsoft's showing off here at MIX10, and it looks... well, very Netflixy -- it's red to the bone. Unlike other mobile Netflix apps, this one's got Watch Instantly support and it looks great -- a real testament to the capabilities Microsoft's bringing to the table with it Silverlight-based dev platform.
Windows 7 phones just got a lot cooler, and I'm wondering if Apple will allow a Netflix streaming app. No news on availability of the Netflix streaming app yet.


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