Portal 2 announced, set for extra cake and “surprising new twists”

March 5, 2010 by Alex Seedhouse  
Filed under Previews
Game Informer have revealed the cover story of their upcoming April issue, which is sure to create a frenzy amongst Valve fans. The title that is set to be detailed is Portal 2, is the sequel to Valve’s 2007 smash hit Portal.
Few details are currently known, but the from the covers we can see reference to both GLaDOS and the Aperture Science facility. The title is set to be released at the end of this year, and according to the team at Game Informer is set to include some “surprising new twists”.
There is some unfortunate news for PlayStation 3 fans though, as Doug Lombardi from Valve has confirmed to Eurogamer that the title is set for a PC and Xbox 360 release.
The first Portal title was an acclaimed success, despite its short length, with the song ‘Still Alive’ sung by the GLaDOS/ Companion Cube during the End Credits being adored by fans the world over! Whilst the game is worth playing through for those that haven’t experienced,


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