Splinter Cell: Conviction demo to release this Thursday

March 15, 2010 by Alex Seedhouse  
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We brought you news over the weekend that a Splinter Cell: Conviction demo was set to be released, yet Maxime Beland, Creative Director for the title, was unable to provide any details or even a date – however today that news has surfaced.
A new Inside Xbox video on the US Xbox Live service has revealed that a demo for the highly anticipated Splinter Cell: Conviction title is due out on March 18th – this Thursday! That gives you just a couple of days to dust off your Night Vision Goggles and gear up to get a taster of what you’ll be able to experience from the full game.
In terms of the demo’s content Alex Parizeau, Producer for Splinter Cell: Conviction at Ubisoft Montreal, comments that the team have been careful to chose segments of the games’ storyline that provide enough of a teaser to the full game without revealing too much of its plot. Players will be able to engage in both Stealth portions, as well as those that are more action-orientated.
The demo will begin with the Bathroom interrogation scene, before transporting the player further into the game to see a later section of the single-player element of the title.
Splinter Cell: Conviction is set for release exclusively on Xbox 360 and PC on April 13th across North America, with European release on April 16th.


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