Assassin’s Creed Home space in detail

Posted on 25 March 2010 by Diogo Miguel
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Earlier on today we told you of an enigmatic Assassin’s Creed video that was based on lead character Desmond exploring one of the main story scenarios. Well Ubisoft has now released some more information regarding the video and what features it will be adding to Playstation Home. By regularly staying in contact with Ubisoft Montreal, Outso LTD has managed to recreate the game’s world in all its glory. It seems that players have been using the Animus for so long, that they have earned their own Eagle Vision, due to a Bleeding Effect. It will prove to be handy when attempting to escape the Abstergo lab, in what can only be assumed to be even more locations.
In terms of entertainment it promises to keep players busy with a multilpayer defense tower style game called Vendetta. The idea is that Templars are invading Masyaf, so the Home player must defend it from other Home players.
Other features include the Animus 2.0 database which is filled with knowledge related to anything to do with Assassin’s Creed 2. It will be viewable by accessing the Animus, although players must take precaution in order to not sustain long term side effects. It will also have stunning concept art for the game, so players can see how it all started out.
The stunning Lineage movie will be making an appearance along with developer diaries, to make it an experience not so easily forgotten. What is even more interesting is the promise to have regular developer entries in a blog, making it possible for Home users to have an exclusive insight on future Assassin’s Creed titles.
For now here are some screen shots of the Assassin’s Creed Home space and for the related video click here.


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