Star Wars Lightsaber MP3 Player

lightsaber.jpg Remember the epic Star Trek Tricorder MP3 player from last year? Of course you do— we just gave a link. The Tricorder player undoubtedly had Star Wars fans in basements across the globe up in arms. Seethe no more Star Wars nerds, the novelty MP3 player industry hasn't forgotten you.
Meet the Light Saber Kei, an MP3 player designed to look like a light saber. It's also loaded with features: it's got a microSD slot, and I think there's some skip/volume buttons on there, maybe even a power button.
Okay, maybe it's not the most feature-packed player we've seen. But it's a light saber! That pretty much trumps everything. The player should be available in February, for a mere $24 from NCSX.


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