Gears Characters Chainsaw Their Way Into Lost Planet 2

Written Tuesday, January 26, 2010 by Richard Walker

Lost Planet 2's designer, Jun Takeuchi is a self-confessed Gears of War nut. He cited Epic's games as an influence on Resident Evil 5's controls and now, he and Capcom will be collaborating to bring Gears characters to Lost Planet 2.
In a deal with Capcom, Epic has agreed to allow the LP2 team to add Marcus Fenix and Dom Santiago as Xbox 360 exclusive downloadable content.
The characters won't appear in the story mode however, which suggests that they'll be playable characters for Lost Planet 2's multiplayer.
Whether they'll be packing Lancers, Flamethrowers and Torque Bows is up for speculation, but we suspect that they might not be. A fully functioning Lancer for Lost Planet 2 though? Now there's a thought...


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