J.J. Abrams Addresses Cloverfield 2

Source: MTV
January 15, 2010

You think J.J. Abrams will ever open up on his big projects? Of course not! Not unless it's The Dark Tower adaptation or any other project he's decided to depart.

Lost. Star Trek 2. Cloverfield 2. Ask him about any of these things, you're always going to get a coy answer. Nevertheless, MTV offered him a query about the status of a Cloverfield sequel and here's what he said: "We're working on something right now with that and again, you know, it's early stages."

There you go.

Cloverfield director Matt Reeves is currently in principal photography on Let Me In and the monster movie's writer Drew Goddard is off supervising The Cabin in the Woods' transition from 2-D to 3-D for 2011. So those two are busy. And so is Abrams. It might be a while until we see another Cloverfield beastie smashing a city...


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