Creative Cuts Back Drastically at CES 2010 But Shows off the ZiiSound D5

I always look forward to Creative’s booth at CES since its usually pretty over the top. This year Creative’s showing was very weak, though its not something specific to Creative, it was the general story for many manufactures of all types of gadgets at CES 2010. We may be on our way out of this recession, but the device industry still has a bit of a hangover.
So this year there were not sections of air crafts, videos projected on walls of smoke, or even a booth full of Creative babes- just a few showing off the Vado HD camcorders.
There was however one little bit of tech interesting to the whole Zii EGG story- the ZiiSound D5 and D3. The latter being the one for the Zii EGG. This little sound dock is equipt with Bluetooth for any Bluetooth enable device but also contains a dock for the Zii EGG. I didn’t get a chance to hear it on the noisy show floor, but considering some of their other stuff it should be at least good. It should hit the stores sometime in the beginning of 2010.


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