Microsoft to Re-Charge For Previously Owned "Game Room" Arcade Titles

Written Wednesday, January 27, 2010 by Dan Webb

When I wrote the piece on Xbox's upcoming Game Room at the turn of the month, one of the biggest questions in the comments was, "Do I have to re-buy all the arcade games for Game Room that I previously own for the Xbox Live Arcade?"
At the time of writing that was currently unknown, however, today we can report that Microsoft told Game Informer that they were planning on charging for those titles  you previously own.
"Why?" you say as you scream from the rooftops.
Simple (well to Microsoft it is), because the Xbox Live Arcade counterparts are "revamped" whereas the originals available on the Game Room will not be. So in other words, you're paying 240 Microsoft points (or 400 for access on both Windows and your 360) for the original, unchanged title.
Paying more for less then? *scratches head*
Seems a backwards way of doing it... and a cheap move as well (not cheap for you of course). I have a funny feeling that the service won't be as popular as they had once hoped.
Shame really.


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