Dragon Age: Origins DLC New Date & Price Rumors

Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening will be the first full expansion pack for BioWare's fantasy role-playing epic, coming in March as a surprisingly expensive disc package.

PS3, 360, and are all getting the expansion, which has confirmed requires the original Dragon Age: Origins game to play. The game takes you to the new land of Amaranthine in an effort to uncover the deepest secrets of the darkspawn.
Along with venturing to a new world, Awakening boasts an increased level cap, new spells, abilities, specialisations and items, plus five new party members. You're free to start a new character or import a save from the first game.
It won't be cheap, though. When Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening releases on March 16, it'll set you back 39.99 USD (original quoted price was 400 Microsoft Points on Xbox Live and $4.99 on the PSN).


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