Court Says No More Loud Sex

birdgetteBBC news reported in “Noisy Sex Woman Admits Abso Breach,” that Caroline Cartwright, a 48 year old woman in Britain, is being sentenced by the court because her sex is too loud. A neighbor formally complained after being late for work many times because she could not sleep at night. The mailman also complained, and so did a woman that walks her children to school in the morning. The sex was described as “unnatural” “murder” and “pain.”
Equipment was set up in the neighbor’s apartment, and the noise that leaked through the walls was 47 decibels (or, a loud, spirited conversation). Some of the best earplugs on the market only reduce to 29 decibels.
I’m all for loud passionate sex, but when it comes to infringing on others rights to pursue happiness (or a good night’s sleep) that’s when even I’ll say something’s got to give.
I don’t think there is anything wrong with the sounds. So what if it did sound like “pain,” maybe it was, but the fact it happened over and over means it was a pain worth re-visiting.
I think it’s ridiculous to take someone to court to try to get them to put a sock in it. If anything, the courts should be more interested in encouraging them to find a more suitable place to live. I think it’s clear the couple should move to a location where they can be themselves without affecting others.
This couple should certainly not be living in an apartment complex; they should have a separate home where they can make as much noise as they want. Even in that circumstance, it’s polite to close the windows.


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