CES 2010: Project Natal Confirmed for Holiday 2010

Hands-free gaming coming by the end of the year.

by Jim Reilly

January 6, 2010 - Microsoft has confirmed a 2010 holiday launch for its controller-free gaming camera "Project Natal."

It appears, though, the device has not officially been named, as Microsoft points out (again) that "Natal" is still just a code name.

This announcement should come as no surprise, as many third-party software companies, such as THQ, had inadvertently revealed "Natal" would be launching in late 2010.

Ubisoft also has already stated the software company has started development on 10 "Natal" titles, many of which appear to be casual-focused.

Revealed at this past E3, Microsoft has yet to discuss potential costs for Natal, but it's been hinted the device may have a high initial price point at launch.


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