Singer Confirmed for Battlestar Galactica Talks

August 14, 2009

UPDATE: Universal has confirmed the HitFix report via Variety, which you can read here. Still no further details about how much Singer's version might have in common with Moore's show and whether he might direct, but Glen Larson will still be involved as writer and co-producer.

Drew McWeeney at HitFix.com, who is fairly well connected in the industry, is reporting that Bryan Singer's earlier plans to produce and possibly direct a new Battlestar Galactica feature film might indeed come to fruition.

According to HitFix.com, Singer was developing a follow-up television series based on the popular '70s sci-fi show with producer Tom DeSanto (Transformers) that was close to shooting in 2001, when it fell apart. Since then, Ron Moore successfully relaunched the series to create a show with a vocal cult audience that ran from 2004 to 2009 with plans for a spin-off show called "Caprica." The show's popularity apparently prompted Universal to reexamine the possibilities of a movie and they signed Glen Larson to write a script for a movie that had no ties to Moore's show.

If the rumors are true and Universal does sign Singer to develop a second "Battlestar Galactica" movie, in theory, he could revive some of his original ideas that were scrapped, but one wonders how much of a connection (if any) a Singer-produced/directed feature film might have to the most recent television show and whether this is in place of the Larson-penned version announced earlier this year.

You can read Drew's full report over on HitFix.com and decide for yourself whether this is a possibility.

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