Microsoft's Dual Strategy Plan for Windows Mobile 6.5 and 7, New 6.5 Upgrade in 2010!

According to the latest rumors on the blogosphere, Microsoft is looking to implement a dual-strategy plan for Windows Mobile 7. The rumors state that the softwrae maker will place 7 as the premium, flagship OS on newer hardware models while still selling and maintaining 6.5 as an OS on less desirable hardware, perhaps to keep the costs down. This strategy is in some ways similar to Palm OS, which is still being maintained by Palm, but has few major development efforts now that the hardware firm has made webOS as its flagship operating system for the Palm Pre.

The rumors also point to Windows Mobile 6.5 in October 2009, with an upgrade to add a touchscreen interface in February 2010. We'll have to wait and see what that means, but it seems that 6.5 may be rushed out the door early for Windows Mobile to be competitive, with the final cosmetic touches added in February.

The story goes on to saying that Microsoft will use Windows Mobile 6.5 as an Android competitor while 7.0 will be the OS to battle the iPhone


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