Kevin Smith on the Couple of Dicks Title

Source: Silas Lesnick
July 25, 2009

Kevin Smith went solo on-stage this evening in San Diego's Hall H, answering audience questions with his trademark standup comic style.

Smith did, sadly, deliver the word that his film, currently titled A Couple of Dicks will probably have to be retitled, as was rumored earlier in the year because of advertising issues. Three networks
(ABC, NBC and CBS) have refused to air ads for the film before 9pm killing, as Smith puts it, the sports audience that's his core audience.

No footage was offered, with Smith explaining that every time he shows clips in San Diego, he gets thunderous applause and then the movie tanks. His hope, he jokes, is that he can at least make a movie so bad that he'll kill the genre.

"The genre was dead," Smith mimics reviewers, "And now we're gonna bury it because fat 'Clerks.' guy made one."

Citing his biggest influence on "Dicks" as "Abbott and Costello," Smith promises, "60 percent less action than 'Lethal Weapon.'"

"And I'm talking the first one," he adds, "that had like no action whatsoever."


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