Creative Zii EGG Develper Edition Preview


Creative started shipping the dev edition of the Zii EGG. From a few hours of browsing though the OS is feels like it is a long way from the consumer market. In fact recently the SDK roadmap outlining the various functionality of the Zii EGG appeared on Engadget showing a few months ahead.

Below is a few photos of the video preview of the hardware and a quick and dirty look at the Plaszma OS. I stress this several times in the video that this is a developer edition so you cannot judge the OS yet- it is very rough.

The hardware is what you would expect from Creative and the Zii EGG has a build quality similar to the Zen X-Fi or Zen (Newer version)- it feels plastiy and toy like but is still well made and rugged. The only thing that really bothers me and i hope that this gets changed is the screen material. I haven't dug too far into it but it appears to be a similar screen to the Zen X-Fi, plastic with a plastic film on top with a really bad glare- definitely low end materials.

As I dig into it more I will share more thoughts and videos. In the mean time check out the video and pics below and stop in our Creative Zii EGG forum for discussion.

creative-zii-egg-01.jpg creative-zii-egg-02.jpg creative-zii-egg-03.jpg creative-zii-egg-04.jpg creative-zii-egg-05.jpg creative-zii-egg-06.jpg creative-zii-egg-07.jpg creative-zii-egg-08.jpg creative-zii-egg-09.jpg creative-zii-egg-10.jpg creative-zii-egg-11.jpg creative-zii-egg-12.jpg creative-zii-egg-13.jpg creative-zii-egg-14.jpg creative-zii-egg-15.jpg creative-zii-egg-16.jpg creative-zii-egg-17.jpg creative-zii-egg-18.jpg creative-zii-egg-19.jpg

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