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May 31st @ 7:26 pm | | Scooped by Tim Dahill, Chuck K, Jodi Brenner, Mike \"Movie Miguel\" Kopcak

  • We’ve had so much male-heavy cast news for “A Couple of Dicks”, though today Cinemablend confirms the first female casting, “Nacho Libre”’s Ana de la Reguera. Reguera has signed on to play a woman rescued by the central cop characters (Tracy Morgan and Bruce Willis) who may help them find millions in laundered drug money. Production starts TOMORROW in the NYC area!
  • The documentary for the highly anticipated “Chasing Amy” Bluray set for this year is now being called “Tracing Amy” according to IMDB. The great Zak Knutson and Joey Figueroa are once again at the helm, so you can bet on another masterpiece to highlight the ultimate edition of “Amy”. The IMDB lists a release date of August 4, 2009, which MAY also be the “Amy” Bluray date, though we cannot confirm just yet.
  • We are just loving this fan-made clip, taking audio from SModcast and mixing it with the magic of the Sims 2 to bring a recent Smith/Mosier skit to animated life. Take a couple minutes out of your day and click over for some laughs. And of course, don’t miss full audio editions of SModcast, almost weekly, exclusively at Quick Stop Entertainment.
  • Speaking of SMod and the love for it, the author of this piece at Lockergnome’s blog network not only loves the podcast, but has a lot of excitement and optimism towards the next chapter of Kevin’s career. Here’s a couple snips:

      “It’s been roughly two years since Mr. Kevin (”the Clerks. guy”) Smith and his other hetero life-mate (and producing partner), Mr. Scott Mosier, launched their own podcast series, entitled SModcast. Since then they’ve posted seventy-six pieces of what I can only describe as some of the most absurd, silly, raunchy, and down-right brilliantly funny audio bliss ever! And since that time I’ve been a devout listener, always waiting patiently each week for their next new posting — sometimes even having to wait up until a month or so for a new one to show up (I dare not complain, Smith’s a busy man).

      For those of you unfamiliar with SModcast, the premise is as follows. Each week Kevin Smith and Scott Mosier find time amongst themselves to sit down and, well, shoot the shit for lack of a better term. In the beginning each show lasted roughly fifty-two minutes, plus or minus, with only a few notable exceptions. Once the series began to reach double digits, however, the show began to change up. SModcast was created partially as an attempt by Smith for he and Mosier to get together each week and catch up on things, but as the show progressed it became apparent that such a notion wasn’t always feasible. And so with it’s thirteenth episode, “SFodcast (or SWodcast),” SModcast found itself with an absent Scott Mosier and special guest, sitting in, Walt Flanagan (”Fanboy,” to the fanboys), one of Smith’s best friends from his youth. And while there is not, and probably never will be, a SModcast without Smith himself, we found that from time to time there will be one without Mosier, at which time we will be treated to a special guest…”

    Read the whole article over at Lockergnome.

  • Widely read gossip site PerezHilton.com even picked up on the “A Couple of Dicks” casting news last week. Good exposure, and so far it seems they approve.
  • Kevin is mentioned in a VideoETA article citing the most original filmmakers of past decades:

      “…These filmmakers such as Kevin Smith, Quentin Tarantino and M. Night Shyamalan proved that you didn’t need computers or big bangs to be able to reach the audience. These filmmakers brought a real renaissance to independent film and set up a nice dichotomy in the decade between the decadence of special effects-driven event movies and personal talkies of smaller films.”

  • “A Comic Book Review” takes a positive look at the awesome 3-part “Batman: Cacophony” comic from Smith & Flanagan.
  • And finally today, in non-Askew but great TV news, anyone else stoked for the “Breaking Bad” finale tonight? Season 2’s 13th and final episode airs tonight, capping what has been one of the most fantastic seasons of TV in recent memory. If you’re not watching this show, you should be. Catch up and get on board. Tonight on AMC.

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