Save Battery in Windows Mobile: The Checklist

Posted by Brandon Miniman
May 23rd, 2009 at 12:47 AM

There are many little ways to save battery life in Windows Mobile. Some of them involve compromises, but some of them are rather easy and painless. What is to follow is a checklist of items that will help give you back some juice.

Have you...

- Turned off WiFi? (Start>Communications manager)

- Selected GSM over UMTS/3G? (Start>Settings>Phone>Band)

- Turned off incoming beams? (Start>Settings>Connections>Beam)

- Reduced screen brightness? (Start>Settings>System>Screen)

- Reduced screen brightness and sleep timeout? (Start>Settings>System>Power/Screen)

- Made shorter calls?

- Reduced ActiveSync update frequency? (Start>ActiveSync>Menu>Schedule)

- Turned off vibrate notifications? (Start>Settings>Personal>Sounds and Notifications)

- Turned off Bluetooth? (Start>Communications manager)

- Made sure to put your device to sleep immediately after using it? (via the power button)

- Turned off data connections? Being constantly connected to your data connection (either G, E or 3G) increases battery usage even if you are not actually sending or receiving data through it, because it keeps your radio and device active.

- Installed manufacturer updates?

- Plugged your device in for charging as often as you can?


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