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May 22nd @ 2:10 pm | | Scooped by MadMatty, Jim Silva, Rugmuncher, Patrick McCarron, Robert McKeone, Chuck K

  • “Reaper” has sadly joined “My Name is Earl” in the series cancellation this year. Both shows were critically loved, but casualties of a tight economy, with networks giving the axe to most “on the bubble” shows. Kevin has suggested fans help the great Jason Lee and Ethan Suplee come back for another year of “Earl” via a Twitterized save the show campaign.

    As for “Reaper”, the show’s pilot was Kevin’s first TV directing gig, so has quite a bit of historical significance. With a cancellation this late in the year, we’re betting that “Reaper”, like “Earl”, may also end with an unresolved cliffhanger.

  • In a new interview, Dynamite President and Publisher, Nick Barrucci, chats up topics such as signing on Kevin and the future of “Green Hornet”. Although he does remain pretty tight-lipped about the storyline, and even the artists of the book, its a worthy read:

      “…The main thing that’s been going on is ironing everything out with Kevin Smith. When we first acquired The Green Hornet we had quite a few creators wanting to be involved and had creators asking us for up to four years to be involved. A few of the creators we’ll be working with . . . and Kevin Smith was the only person we reached out to and he was interested - but we had to wait to see if it was a definite yeah or nay. Kevin was able to bring incredible amounts of media attention by getting brought on to entertainmentweekly.com, which we gratefully respect, and with the support of the comics industry we plan on making this one of our biggest launches that we possibly can.”

      “…Well, Kevin came into the picture when we remembered that he was a fan of The Green Hornet. He’s done a movie with Seth Rogan [Zack and Miri Make a Porno] and while just like the original script that Kevin did that has no involvement with the new movie script with Seth, Kevin as a creator has grown over the last five years and we were able to approach him about doing The Green Hornet as he would approach him today.”

    Newsarama has the full story.

  • View Askew showed on last night’s episode of Jeopardy. The category was: Also A “Canterbury Tales” Pilgrim. The Answer was: “Dante & Randal in a 1994 Kevin Smith movie”. The question, of course, was: “What is Clerks?”
  • “Fanboys” dropped on DVD Tuesday, and features some fun cameos from Askewers Kevin Smith, Jason Mewes, Zak Knutson, Ethan Suplee, Seth Rogen & Carrie Fisher. There are many other additional cameos of course, those are just the Askew related ones.


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