Kevin & MTV News On “Dicks”, “Twilight”, & More…

May 22nd @ 2:11 pm | | Scooped by Chuck K, Dan Barnette

  • MTV sat down with Kevin and conducted a fairly extensive interview, from the look of things — They’ve posted quite a few new articles over the past few days, likely all from the same session, just pieced out by topic. Let’s take a look at each of the postings, with a brief summary and some choice clips from all of ‘em. Please note, we’re just taking a few paragraphs from each. Click through for the full articles, many of which also include VIDEO clips as well.

    This first article focuses on “A Couple of Dicks”. Of particular interest, it reveals that Kevin was offered directing gigs on both “Ghosts of Girlfriends Past” and Eddie Murphy’s upcoming “Imagine That”.

      Kevin Smith On Trying To ‘Breathe New Life’ Into The Buddy Cop Genre With ‘A Couple of Dicks’

      “For years, I’d been like, ‘No, I only direct stuff I wrote,’” Smith said. “I would do interviews and be like, ‘If you ever see me directing a script I didn’t write, I’m clearly paying off a mortgage.’ Stuff like that, because I never thought I would.”

      But Robinov, who’d been a big fan of Smith’s “Zack and Miri Make a Porno,” thought the director would be the perfect guy to helm “Dicks.” And based on the personal way in which the script resonated with Smith, he was only too happy to accept—even as he continued to be surprised that the directorial offer had ever been made.

      “I’ve never even directed anything but a Kevin Smith movie, so why would you trust me with anything else?” he said. “That’s why this is amazing. I can’t believe that somebody would be like, ‘Here, try to breathe new life in the buddy cop franchise.’ But I guess it makes sense. All I do is buddy movies. In this one they have guns and there’s a plot. As opposed to them sitting around talking about ‘Star Wars’ and sex.”

      Smith’s ultimate goal, he said with a laugh, is to make “Dicks” a TNT channel classic. “It’s a throwback to ‘48 Hrs.,’ ‘Beverly Hills Cop,’” Smith said. “It’s a buddy cop flick. It’s not like, ‘He’s a by-the-rules white guy and he is a jive-talking black guy, but together they’re gonna fight crime!’ They just happen to be black and white and they’re long-time friends.”

    Next up, Kevin’s daughter Harley presents her own review of the vampy chick-flick “Twilight”:

      Kevin Smith’s Daughter Reviews ‘Twilight’

      Writer/director/actor/all-around nice-guy Kevin Smith stopped by recently to chat with MTV’s Josh Horowitz on a variety of subjects. While the ever-busy Smith had plenty to say about his own work, he also managed to squeeze in a brief review of “Twilight.” In all honesty, Smith didn’t have much to say about the movie other than mentioning that it made him wish he was a 14 year old girl. It’s his daughter who’s the real fan, and she was brave enough to step in front of the camera so she could share her thoughts.

    Finally, Kevin mentions that he currently does not have any interest in taking comics and making movies out of them:

      Kevin Smith Has ‘No Interest’ In Working On Big-Screen Comic Book Adaptations

      “I have no interest in making those movies,” Smith told MTV News. “They look very tedious to make. It takes a talent that I just do not have. But I love to kick back and watch them.”

      He went on to cite Christopher Nolan (“The Dark Knight”) and Jon Favreau (“Iron Man”) among the ideal candidates to direct comic book properties. And when it came to the question of writing another script, Smith questioned the very need for a “name writer.”

      “When I got hired for that ‘Superman’ gig, the first thing out of my mouth was like, ‘Why are you talking to me?’” he said. “Why don’t you talk to Dan Jurgens or somebody who works on ‘Superman?’ You’ll get a great script out of a dude who’s worked on 60 issues of ‘Superman.’ I guarantee it.”

      “But then it was all about, ‘Well, they’re not in movies.’ And now it’s different,” continued Smith. “Now you can cherry-pick and go into a genre and be like, ‘Let’s take these dudes. They write on ‘Lost.’ Their episodes are good. Let’s let them write a script.’ You don’t need a cat like me. And you shouldn’t get a cat like me.”


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