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View Askew NewsBites™

May 11th @ 6:13 am | | Scooped by Chuck K, Laura Shannon, Mike \"Movie Miguel\" Kopcak, George C

  • Kevin’s last tweet about Carnegie tix listed that 1195 seats are left to sell out the place — Though we imagine numbers have gone down since then. Keep passing the word around. We’re also betting that a lot of New Yorkers are last-minute types, and may pack the events as the date draws closer. We’re betting on a sell-out. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t reserve seats NOW!
  • Audio from Kevin’s Thursday appearance on Canada’s Dean Blundell Show is now available for your online download. You can grab it on their Podcast index page http://www.edge.ca/DJsandShows/Podcasts.aspx (dated 5.7 - “Kevin Smith Meets Adrian”), via MP3 Direct , or though iTunes. Enjoy as Kevin takes on this very strange regular caller to the program.
  • Watch for a quick Jay Mewes cameo in this trailer for “Degrassi Goes Hollywood”, airing this summer on “The N”. CTV has a few more details on the production as well — We seem to recall Kevin being around when they filmed this one, though have not heard any confirmation on HIS possible appearance in the pic. Just Mewes (so far).
  • Here’s an interesting way to tie a news story about a flood into View Askew - Mention Kevin’s famous story about getting his start with “Clerks” soon after experiencing a flood of his own. This, from the Fargo, North Dakota area:

      For the people who had property damaged during the flood there’s a lot of talk of what was lost.

      Furniture. Carpet. Televisions. Entire houses. Bootleg videos of “BJ and the Bear.”

      Whatever the flood stole from you – your ambivalence toward the Red River – there’s something to be gained from this ordeal; a career as a semi-famous filmmaker who just might be the voice of a generation.

      Lost in the discussion about his movies is the fact that auteur Kevin Smith started his career because of a flood.

      The guy who made low-budget film chic with his 1994 movie “Clerks” paid for part of that movie’s production expenses with FEMA money that was given to him after a flood destroyed some of his well-worn Volkswagen vehicles.

      Smith used that money, the ransom from selling some comic books and credit cards to finance “Clerks,” the dialogue-heavy movie about lazy convenience store employees that became a benchmark of ’90s culture.

      Since then, Smith has made several feature films, become a slacker icon and, at least to me, proved he – not Kurt Cobain – was the voice of the generation that came of age in the ’90s.

      Would Smith have attained that stature without a flood and some FEMA cash? Probably. But with basements that still smell like the Red River puked in them, it’s more fun to think that the flood made the man.

      Moral of the story: Grab that FEMA money and make a movie. Or write a book. Or design a video game. Or get the stink out of your basement.

  • In other press, The Times, a South African paper, posts a small interview/article with Kevin for some “Porno” promo, though we think this could have been put together from a past junket. Nothing too new, but worth a click for the curious.
  • For something that looks a bit more recent, New York’s Daily Star “Teen Talk” movie reviewer takes a brief look at the films of Kevin Smith. See ya next time — Kevin promises a new SModcast will be up and running shortly. So stay tuned.


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