Ten Reasons Why You Should Date a Female Gamer

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0. Date Nights Made Simple. Every so often it’s nice to be treated to a night out on the town, however that doesn’t mean we’re not up for a night in. Order some tasty Chinese, have some beer and drinks in the fridge, and we’re all for gaming and movie all-nighters. You can make it fun by coming up with drinking games (Please drink responsibly!!) or making the loser do the dishes. Just have fun with it and make it an evening about spending time together.
9. Technically Capable. Female gamers know their way around the tech. We can set up a sound system, set schedules on the DVR, we know the difference between RCA, Component and HDMI cables. And if we don’t know, we sure aren’t afraid to learn how.
8. Tour Guide. It’s not easy juggling a strategy guide or running to the laptop/computer to look at a guide while you are being scorched by an evil mage in a dungeon or trying to figure out your next move when the path you came down is suddenly blocked off. Helping you out by looking up hints and reading parts of walkthroughs out for you is fine with us. We just ask that you do the same if we ever need a hand.
7. Puzzle Solvers. You’ve got the lights down low, you’re playing an action-adventure or survival horror game and – WHAM! – you’ve run into a puzzle that you just can’t solve. Luckily, your significant other has been paying attention and is able to figure it out for you. It’s always good to have a second and fresh set of eyes around when you get stumped. We feel exactly the same.
The BioShock inspired "Moral Choices" tee from SplitReason
6. Awesome Presents. You want a game or an accessory for your birthday/anniversary/Valentine’s Day? You got it. We love finding cool t-shirts, hoodies and belt buckles to add to your wardrobe. And if we pick you up an XBL or PSN card, we know you’ll quickly find something to spend it on.
5. No Midnight Launches Alone. Don’t want to stand alone outside GameStop for hours waiting for the next Halo or Modern Warfare title to come out? We’ll be there to keep you company, hold our place in the line if you have to make a bathroom or food run (or vice versa) and convince you that yes, you do want to buy the strategy guide because you’ll be waiting a week for GameFAQs to have a complete walkthrough when one of us inevitably gets stuck.
4. The Cake is Not a Lie. Time and time again, we have proven that we love our significant others through cake. More often than not, gamer couples enjoy gaming related or geek themed baked goods. Just Google “gaming wedding cakes” or “gamer wedding” and you’ll see some awesome cakes, Halo inspired weddings and unique gaming proposals.
3. The Zombie Apocalypse. If movies such as Zombieland and games like Left 4 Dead have taught us anything, its that you can try to survive on your own, but when the zombies start heading for the mall, you want someone by your side to help kill them. It’s just a matter of time, so don’t fight the zombies alone! Begin training for the future now.
2. We understand you. Only a gamer can truly understand the needs of another of our kind. We won’t walk in front of the screen during a boss battle or kick you off the TV to watch a show (every gaming couple knows the importance of the second TV and a DVR). And we will grab a beer for each of us in between rounds of Horde mode. Taking on waves of giant aliens or zombies is a team effort.
It's a Katamari themed wedding!
1. Co-op Partner for Life. Sure, you won’t always want to play co-op, and neither will we. But for the times when your friends have moved onto another game and you want someone to team up with you, we will be there. Just want a sparring partner? We’ve got that covered too. Just keep in mind relationships are give and take, so you’d better be able to take it as well as you can dish it out.

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