Microsoft to Update Xbox with Natal Ahead of Windows Phone 7 Release?

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By: Chuong Nguyen | Date: 26-Apr-10 | 3 Comments
With all the Xbox integration that will be bundled with Windows Phone 7 when those devices get released this holiday season, Microsoft is rumored to be updating its Xbox gaming console and even releasing Project Natal, the company's controller-free solution to interact with the Xbox, at the E3 gaming conference this June. According to the prediction, a slimmer, black colored Xbox will be debuting in June.

With Windows Phone 7, Microsoft is making it easier for users to target three screens when it comes to games with Silverlight and XNA Studio development tools. Developers can now write and easily translate code for Windows Phone 7 (mobile), the PC (desktop), and the Xbox (TV) to quickly monetize and release their games to various different audiences. You can learn more about Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 and Xbox coverage through our sessions at GDC. Additionally, Xbox Live services will be integrated with Windows Phone 7 as well.

(via: Engadget)
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