PlayStation 3 Portable becomes reality

Posted on 6 April 2010 by Alex Seedhouse
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Your eyes do not deceive you and April Fools 2010 has certainly been and gone, yet Japanese retailer Hori has revealed a new portable LCD display that seemingly makes PlayStation 3 gaming on the move a reality.
This new portable LCD device clips onto the top of the console, effectively turning it into a Laptop-like appearance. It’s Officially licensed as a PlayStation product so there is no room for doubt here either, although it would seem that it has been designed specifically for the new PlayStation 3 Slim meaning that all those with the ‘Fat’ models may finally have reason enough to upgrade.
It would seem that it is still dependant on being powered by a mains supply, but surely that’s the only negative here. The monitor is 11.6″ wide, with the overall dimensions being 295mm × 255mm × 55mm. It supports both NTSC and PAL apparently too and is due to release on May 27th 2010, priced at 24,800 Yen (approximately £174).
Right, anyone importing one…?


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