Will The Fans Make “Red State”?

February 10th @ 9:29 amScooped by Brad & Chris
  • Quite a few tweets surrounding the idea of a fan-funded project in “Red State” (and sites like TechDirt even picking up on the concept), seeing the flick become a reality is a distinct possibility if all the legal red tape is worked out ahead of time. Here’s a few of Kevin’s recent thoughts on the matter via tweet:
      Via @mpauley1 “so what is the proposed budget for Red State?” That’ll depend what we raise. If it’s 40k, done. If it’s 1mil? Done. Via @YankeesJets2310 “Time to sell the comics again” No, I’ll sell a bunch of Askewniverse props instead. Sell the past to shoot the future. @murray1134 “very George Lucas of you, reinvest your profits to make your own movies outside the system” Not my movies: your movies. If this works, I’m one-&-done w/RED STATE: building the infrastructure if we can, so others who aren’t established yet can follow.
    Want the full gory details from Mr. Smith? Check out his blog update which explains the entire process in the best detail you could hope for. Some snips:
      If we did fan-finance and actually make the film, let’s say it sold: what then? There will be profits? Would people get their money back? Where would that money go? Our plan is to put anything we make into a fund that would, in turn, finance other (cost-sensible) flicks fans want to see. And from that? Build a People’s Studio. Simply have any interested/frustrated/desperate party put their script on our website, open for all to read, during a “pilot season” of sorts. Script that gets the most votes, gets the loot. That flick gets made and sold, all the loot goes back into fund for next round. If there’s enough loot from RED STATE sale to do so, idea would be to fund two low budget flicks a year. Ultimate dream: Indie Movement, v.3. Because with the shuttering and impending sale of Miramax comes the sober realization that the specialty business has just died completely. The 90’s are long over and Indie Movement v.2 has come to a sad close. Until that market is vibrant and thriving again, maybe this is a small way to keep the home-fires burning. I know we’re supposed to let all things run its course, but can’t help it: I don’t wanna see the indie film world I knew go away forever. I’m an idealist and a silly-heart, and I’ve got a dream. But that’s all it is right now: a dream. Sure it sounds Utopian… but Utopia was written by a lawyer – and the law is what we’re looking through now, seeing who’d be responsible for taxes up front, what happens if the fund collapses, what if a total of $12.36 is raised, etc. LOTS to go through before (and IF) this might take shape.
    So, there ya have it — This isn’t a money beg idea. It’s a way to start a fund for struggling filmmakers to get their stories told. And as a bonus, we’ll kick it off with a nice big bag ‘o profits from the inevitable coolness that is “Red State”. A win-win for all. Between the street hockey entrant goal and this idea, 2010 could be a landmark, record-setting year.


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