Are You Thinking About Cutting the Cable TV Cord?

I don't know about your cable service, but I'm paying way too much for a lot of channels I'll never watch. The problem is that the ones we really like are not available online. We also live far from over-the-air HD TV, so we're not ready to cut cable TV yet, but we're thinking about it.
NewTeeVee cites a Parks Associates study that 8% of US households are considering dropping cable TV for online and DVD rental services.
And households considering cutting the cord watch 10 hours of online video per week, which Parks calls “much higher than typical video consumers.” Potential cord-cutters also rented a median of 18 DVDs during the last six months, compared to two DVDs for customers willing to stick with cable.
What explains the discrepancy? Netflix, of course, a service with its high turnover rate for rentals, and possibly Redbox with its ultra-low rental prices, according to Parks Associates research director John Barrett. “Nobody is going to rely on online video alone — households likely to cancel their TV services are going to use a mixture of online video, free-to-air broadcasts, and DVDs,” he said, adding that the threat of cord-cutting was “real but misunderstood” because people tend to focus on online video alone and ignore DVD rentals.
Have you cut the cord, or are you seriously considering it?


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