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  • After recording his hour-and-a-half response (SModcast #106) last night, Kevin’s taken back to a few tweets on Saturday night’s Southwest incident, along with a new blog entry in response to a fellow twitter user who suggested that Kevin was asking for “special treatment” as a celebrity on his flight as a regular paying customer. Here’s some snips:
      I don’t know how you’re somehow finding a way to paint this as a portrait of Hollywood ego and excess run amok, but you flatter me, madam: I’m not that guy. One can’t have a giant-sized ass and a giant-sized ego (must… resist urge… to make… circa… 2004… JLo joke…). Your anger with me over what’s very clearly a case of an airline fucking up (then continuing to fuck up, compounding the fuck-up with mistruths and half-information) is better saved for those who SEEK extra privilege. I don’t and certainly didn’t in this case. I wanted nothing more nor less than EVERY OTHER PASSENGER: to sit in the seat I paid for. That I fit into.* Do you know how fucking humiliating it is to have to stress that point, over and over; but it’s the whole crux of their case, and it’s the central lie this whole affair is predicated upon. I’m not denying I’m fat at all; I’m denying their accusation that I didn’t fit in the seat – which is their entire justification for kicking me off the plane. And earlier, on Twitter, I already offered to prove I could easily fit into the seat in question (as well as buckle the seat belt) in front of a live studio audience. But contrary to the ramblings of all the chucklefucks who think this is good publicity for me, it sucks to have to subject myself to public scrutiny for what I look like. You think I dig being acknowledged for this dubious honor of Too Fat To Fly? Fifteen years of being “the CLERKS-guy” became TF-TF overnight. Awesome legacy.
    The best piece we’ve seen done on the incident is this article and video piece from ABC WORLD NEWS last night. Yes, ABC WORLD NEWS! This has become quite a significant story, folks. Go watch that video, as we think it’s very pro-Smith and tells an interesting tale. While most airlines have such a policy, it seems that Southwest is the most notorious in the way they enforce it, which seems like a “whatever the staff decides to do” type of policy. Not good, SWA. Not good.
    Obviously the gossip sites also love this kinda stuff. So for their unique spin on the story, you might also want to pay Perez Hilton and TMZ a visit. People Magazine also has a brief summary of their own.
    What’s next? We’re not sure. Kevin’s been known to stick to his guns in situations like this, so we’ve got a feeling he’ll be very supportive as the uprising continues. In the meantime, we suggest you search for other airlines to fly. Send a message to these companies that customers come first. At least treat them with some dignity, regardless of size. And truth be told, despite their discount reputation, SWA’s pricing has been slowly creeping up past the point of affordability for flights here from the east coast. In fact, ever since the “bags fly free” promotions started to proliferate, it seems prices of the standard routes I’d seen in the past have gone up at LEAST more than it would cost me to add my bag fee to airlines that charge it. In other words, they’re not even that cheap anymore. If you want a cheap flight, check out www.kayak.com for a great fare (a site that Southwest, by the way, doesn’t allow its so-called “bargain” fares to scan). For me, Kayak beats Southwest rates every time these days.
    More news later.


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