Is the Zii Phone coming soon?

If you sick of people telling you that everything you know is going to change ... so are we. It has been more than 14 months since Creative first unveiled the Zii Platform and till today, we have yet to see any actual working Zii product that we can buy. However, could this fact change very soon? Just recently, Creative silently update the Zii website with the Zii Dock, Zii AV Cable and a new Zii Development Kit which supports 3G mobile modules. Furthermore, Intrinsyc (the company behind Barnes & Noble's Nook) announces Android RapidRIL Support for ZiiLABS Cellular Platforms. Lastly, a source familiar with Zii's operations have informed us that Creative is on track to complete customizing the Android OS for the Zii platform by March. Could this mean that we could very well see a Zii Phone as soon as April? We certainly ain't gonna bet on this as Creative have let us down once and again. And of cause the theory that Creative would never release a Creative Zii branded device as it will contradict its Shanzai strategy. But if no one is interested in adopting the Zii platform, it only makes sense for Creative to release something on its own to show what the Zii could actually do. The thought of Creative finally releasing a working Zii device is pretty exciting for us. Do tell us what you think. And for all those with the Zii EGG, how has the firmware update coming along? Is the Plazma OS finally stable?

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