View Askew NewsBites For September 29th 2008

View Askew NewsBites™

September 29th @ 4:43 pm | | Scooped by E. Christopher, Greg Skinner, Scott Hartman, Mike Kopcak, Travis Post

  • Let’s kick off newsbites today with more good news from the “Zack And Miri” front - Another of the notoriously tough regular reviewers over at supersite Aint It Cool News caught the flick, and showered it with a glowing positive review. Take a peek:

      “…having broken free of the desire to do something different than his small little potty mouthed Jersey films, he instead embraced his place in the environs of the film scene and created the single best piece of film he’s turned out since Chasing Amy. Make no mistake, Zack and Miri Make a Porno is every bit Kevin Smith as you’d expect. There are all manner of sex and scat jokes – even the occasional gross out bit. Pop culture references drop out of the mouths of his cast almost as often as expletives. And there are appearances by a number of old favorites, including the ever present Jason Mewes. And yet, by freeing himself of trying to be something that he is not, he has actually managed to elevate the material to make what on the surface appears to be one of the most juvenile attempts at humor this year into something deep, heartfelt and positively adorable.”

    Check out the entire non-spoiler review over at Ain’t It Cool News.

  • Alight Australia, we’ve got good news and bad news — The good news is, we’ve got a release date for “Zack And Miri Make a Porno” for ya. The bad news? It’s January 15, 2009. Okay, so it’s not TOO far off from the US release, but those of you down under will still need to wait a few extra months to see it up on the big screen. No further word on a rating or anything else at this point. We’ll keep ya posted. This is in line with a similar UK planned release date, meaning that North America will have it exclusive for a few months before it branches out.
  • The Mid Ohio Comic-Con has announced that Jason Mewes will be in attendance this Sunday, October 5th, from 12-1 PM in Panel Room number two. Mewes is great with the crowds and we bet he’d love to chat up his role in “Zack And Miri Make a Porno”. If you’re in the Ohio area, be sure and stop by for a chance to meet a View Askew legend.
  • Film School Rejects say that “Zack And Miri” are the #2 flick that they’re most looking forward to for the remainder of the year. It’s among some nice company, too. Overall, 2008 has been a swell year for flicks, we gotta say. What a great year for a new Kevin Smith View Askew Production!
  • And finally today, monkey thieves? Sounds like the plot of a movie near and dear to our hearts’ eh? See ya next time…


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