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October 2nd @ 7:23 am | | Scooped by Pat, Robin D\'haene, Mike Kopcak, Larry Daguanno, Alonso Duralde, Ryan Free

  • The Count Basie Theatre recently conducted an audience poll for the best 50 shows they’ve ever put on. Kevin’s historic 37th birthday Q&A showed up, as did an ‘03 appearance by George Carlin. See their article for full details. Kevin returns for what’s sure to be another fantastic night on Friday, November 7th, at 7:00 PM.
  • Brandon Routh was recently in his home state of Iowa, and the local paper (Des Moines Register) ran an article on him and mentioned his next movie being “Zack and Miri Make a Porno”:

      “Routh’s next movie, to be released Oct. 31, is “Zack and Mari Make a Porno,” in which he plays the boyfriend of a gay porn star. He said the movie is a bit raunchy.

      “It’s a very funny film and actually very heartwarming,” Routh said.”

  • Last update, we mentioned Jay Mewes’ appearance this weekend at the Mid Ohio Comic Con. We now have a few more details - Jay will be there BOTH days of the show (Saturday AND Sunday), and also participate in an interview with a moderator followed by an audience Q&A. You should be able to catch him at other events and on the floor signing all weekend as well. Definitely worth a trip in for that, folks.

    Check out a few photos a fan took from a recent Mewes appearance to get an idea.

  • The hilarious Good Will Hunting sequel created for “Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back” makes another list today, appearing in Cinematical’s Top Seven Movies Within Movies:

      Along the same lines as the uber-crappy sequels that pop up in Cecil B. Demented, Kevin Smith gives Ben and Matt’s flick some sequel action under the uninterested eye of Gus Van Sant. Good Will Hunting 2: Hunting Season awards Matt Damon with the chance to blow away rich, jerky smarty pantses rather than wasting his time in a battle of wits. It’s an all-too-brief moment, but worth Jay and Silent Bob’s trip.

      Honorable Mention in Film: Bluntman and Chronic with Mark Hamill.

  • We hope everyone’s signed up and registered to vote next month — Yep, it’s coming up THAT fast. As a reminder, check out this PSA which features a ton of celebs including View Askew great (and current “My Name Is Earl” star) Ethan Suplee. Then, pass it on, register, and VOTE - You can register online in a few seconds, so there’s no reason not to sign up. See ya.


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