Good Guy Award - Jason Mewes!

Good Guy Award - Jason Mewes!

October 10th @ 9:40 am | | Scooped by Ricky Dunham, JD Larabee & Mike "Movie Miguel" Kopcak

  • Those of you who enjoy attending Comic and SciFi conventions know that one of the tougher pills to swallow these days are the added fees - Of course, a lot of the celebs are there mostly on their time and even their dime, so it makes sense that fees get charged sometimes, though in some cases, they have gotten out of control.

    Given all this, we’re happy to report that we got word that of all the celebs at the Columbus, Ohio convention, Jason Mewes was the only major media guest to not charge a dime for an autograph. We also hear he didn’t have a limit on stuff he’d sign, was happy to take pictures, and even obliged fans while taking breaks. Our scooper calls him “the coolest person I’ve ever met”. Sounds like Jason’s a real class act, following in the very classy footsteps of Kevin himself, who treats fans similarly at his appearances. With care for the fans like this, these guys have a long successful career ahead.

    By the way, Mewes did once again report that “Red State” was in the cards, and also mentioned “Ranger Danger”, though as we saw in a recent quote from Kevin, the new sci-fi comedy will not be “Ranger Danger”, but in a similar vein.

    A final bit of evidence? Watch this puppet ask Mewes a question at the con. If that’s not a good sport, we dunno who is!


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