“Red State” Exclusive @ “Shock Till You Drop”…

“Red State” Exclusive @ “Shock Till You Drop”…

September 11th @ 9:34 pm | | Scooped by Kevin Spellman, Mike "Movie Miguel" Kopcak, John Whiteaker

  • Horror supersite “Shcok Till You Drop” checks in with a nice exclusive update from Kevin on “Red State”. With all eyes currently on “Zack And Miri Make a Porno”, there hasn’t been a lot of questions surrounding what will come NEXT. To this point, Kevin continues to tell reporters that he’d love to make “Red State” next, a totally different film from “Porno” and really anything he’s done in the past. And we’d sure to love to see him do it. But how goes the hunt for funding and distribution? Read on…

      …We asked whether he might start shooting on that soon, to which he replied, “I hope so. We’re still looking for some cash for it ’cause it’s not a really commercial film at all. It’s very bleak and very dark, and there’s no one to root for in the movie, so it’s a real film festival type of film, but it’s not the kind of movie you can take into multiplexes and do a bunch of business with unless it becomes a water cooler type of movie where people start talking about it. So we’ve had trouble finding financing for it, but hopefully that’ll come together soon. Script’s all done. We want to make it for like $5 million in the Midwest and do it with a bunch of unknowns and see what happens. So I mean none of those things add up to people rushing to you with a check. No one’s rushing to give us money for it.”

      Since Smith has never made a horror film, many horror fans who are also fans of Smith’s will be expecting something like we haven’t seen before and something truly shocking, since he’s probably built up a lot of ideas of what he’d want to do in a horror movie. “It is definitely a 180 from everything else we’ve done including ‘Zack and Miri’ but at the same time, it’s not like a splatter film, it’s not like slasher balls-to-the-wall gore, it’s more unsettling and disturbing type of horror,” he explained when asked about the direction he plans on taking things in his first horror outing.

    So, it seems that there’s still more funding to be acquired before this one can truly get off the ground. If any fans who have contacts are reading this, we sure think this would be a fine investment — Here’s hoping that we’ll have some good news soon and we can see the project start in early 2009 as originally planned. Chances are it’ll be made on the cheap and turn a tidy profit to the lucky investors. As we hear more on “Red State”, we’ll of course kep you posted. As we’ve seen before, project schedules often shuffle around and movie priorities change — Most directors aren’t as forthcoming with their future plans as Kevin, but shuffling projects is quite common and could happen again. But we’re sure hopeful to see another View Askew production head in front of the cameras next year.


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