War of Gods, 300 Follow-Up, Hobbit, Cloverfield 2 and More!

War of Gods, 300 Follow-Up, Hobbit, Cloverfield 2 and More!

Source: Collider.com
June 26, 2008

Collider.com alerted us to more video interviews they've posted that were done at the Saturn Awards on Tuesday evening:

Producers Mark Canton, Gianni Nunnari and Bernie Goldmann Video Interview

They say they have landed director Tarsem Singh ("The Fall," "The Cell") to helm "War of Gods." They say it's another Greek film like "300." They say they're going to use the stuff they learned on "300" to make the film and they said it's going to start filming in the first quarter of next year. For more info on the film... watch the interview.

The other bit of news is on "300." They announced they're working on a new Blu-ray edition of the film and they dropped a bomb... they're trying to make a sequel/prequel to 300.

At first I didn't believe them, but later in the night I spoke to Zack Snyder again (interview will be posted tomorrow) and he confirmed what they said. He said Frank Miller is working on a new story of some kind and if they all really like it they'll make it! Crazy news....I know!

Guillermo del Toro Red Carpet Video Interview

He talks a lot about Hobbit and says he'd like to do Hellboy 3 when he finishes the films. So that means he has 18 upcoming projects...

Video Interview with Cloverfield Director Matt Reeves

Addresses Cloverfield 2 possibilities and talks a lot about his upcoming film The Invisible Woman.

Hit the links above to check out the interviews!


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