Julie Benz on Punisher: War Zone and Saw V

EXCL: Julie Benz on Punisher: War Zone and Saw V

Source: Heather Newgen
June 9, 2008

Julie Benz (Rambo, "Dexter," "Angel") hit the green carpet of The Incredible Hulk premiere Sunday night at the Universal City Walk to support Gale Anne Hurd, who not only produced this Friday's Universal release, but also Benz's upcoming action-thriller, Punisher: War Zone. Benz, who confessed she's a "big Hulk fan," stopped to chat with ComingSoon.net/Superhero Hype! about the new "Punisher" film, for which the trailer should be out "within the next three weeks," according to Hurd.

CS/SHH!: What can you tell me about "Punisher: War Zone"?
Julie Benz: It comes out in December and you're going to see a much darker, edgier Punisher than you did in the past.

CS/SHH!: Did being a brunette help you get into character for the film?
Benz: Oh yeah. I play this kind of New York Italian cop's wife and had to do an accent and everything. It was great. I've never been brunette before and I loved it.

CS/SHH!: Tell me more about your character.
Benz: I have a small daughter in the movie. Stuff happens and I get very angry.

CS/SHH!: Why do you get so angry?
Benz: There's no good guy to me. Everyone is bad.

Shock: Let's talk about "Saw V."
Benz: It was very intense shooting that [film]. It gave me nightmares. I think the movie is so psychologically terrifying to watch and I didn't realize it was going to be just as psychologically terrifying to act in it. I think it's going to be one of those movies that I don't watch.

Shock: What was so terrifying about it for you?
Benz: The circumstances. It's just a very dark movie. It's not just a slasher film. They really f*ck with your head. As an audience member you feel it and as an actor it's even worse I think. They were all laughing because it was my first time doing a movie of that genre and I of course had to have a bucket on standby because I was getting nauseated and thought I was going to throw up. Some of the things I had to do was really grossing me out. I play a very unlikeable character.

Shock: How is she so unlikeable?
Benz: Her name is Brit and she's a real estate developer. That's all I can say. You know how those things are. You sign your life away in blood.

Shock: Were you a fan of the other "Saw" movies?
Benz: Well I've seen a couple of them, but they're really too scary for me to watch. I have an over active imagination. That's why I'm an actor.

Saw V hits theaters on October 24. Benz also talked more about Punisher: War Zone and you can read her quotes at Superhero Hype!.


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