Embarrassing Cell Phone Stories

Embarrassing Cell Phone Stories

Have you ever had an embarrassing mobile moment -- your phone rings at an inappropriate time or you send a text message to the wrong person? Of course you have, it's happened to most of us at least once!

We asked AOL users to share some of their more humiliating cellphone-related experiences. Read on to see if any sound familiar.


I once took a picture of my boobs from my camera phone to send to my husband and I accidentally sent it to my boss!

Dumping Daddy?!

I was out with my ex-boyfriend Dave when we got into an argument at a local nightclub. I sent him several nasty text messages, but unfortunately "Dave" is right after "Dad" in my phone directory. It wasn't until the next morning... that I realized that several of my nasty texts actually went to my Dad! I thought I was gonna die!

Dead Ringer

It was during the holidays and I had 'Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer' as a ringer. Well, I forgot to silence my phone when we walked into my cousin's funeral. During prayer -- you guessed it. I couldn't get to my phone fast enough!

Return to Sender

I was forwarding a text from someone to another person with my comment about the person who sent it to me. Instead of sending it to the other person, I sent it with my comment to the very same person that I had received it from. I was embarrassed!

Heading for Trouble

I use the auto answer feature a lot because I use bluetooth in the car. One time I had the auto answer and speaker phone on. During a meeting at work and my headhunter called with a job offer. Talk about bad timing.

Interrupted Interview

My phone rang not once, but twice during a job interview for a position I REALLY wanted. I thought I had turned the ringer off after the first one but I actually put it on a different ringer. The first was my friend and the second was my mom to see how my interview went...OMG, I thought I was going to die!

Girlfriend Gaffe

My girlfriend sent me a text message and I kinda didn't save the number so, uhh, I replied asking who it was. Yeah, hell broke loose!

Sleep Talking

One Saturday, while @ work, I got a text saying "I don't know if u remember me but I had a really good time w/u last night!" Since I THOUGHT I was @ church the nite b4, I started to wonder if I had been sleepwalking.


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