Opie Offers $100k For Proof Of Sex Tape


Opie Offers $100k For Proof Of Sex Tape
April 23, 2008

"There is no sex tape. There is absolutely no sex tape," said an enraged Gregg "Opie" Hughes today in response to a New York Post Page Six report about a sex tape involving his fiancee, Lindsay, and MTV/Jackass star Bam Margera.

The gossip column wrote, “A disgruntled ex-employee of the radio duo recently acquired rights to the video from Margera and it's soon to be released on a pay-for-play Web site, reports Steppin' Out's Chaunce Hayden. ‘They're doing the nasty - and I mean nasty,’ Hayden says. 'Hughes is taking legal action to prevent its distribution. Apparently, he's so distraught, he's banned the name 'Bam' from being mentioned on the show.’”

Contacted by FMQB, Hayden admitted he hasn't actually seen the tape, but was made aware of it's alleged existence by a couple ex-employees of the Opie & Anthony Show, saying they described the tape in such great detail that he believed they were telling the truth.

“Why would Bam give the rights to a sex tape to a disgruntled employee of our show?” questioned Opie during today's show. “Doesn't he do a radio show for Sirius? Why wouldn't he use that to get some exposure?”

Opie also denied any legal proceedings have started, suggesting that it would be a matter of public record if they had. He also said the sex tape has been a rumor making the rounds for a year and a half. Reading between the lines of the conversation regarding the rumored tape, the likely “disgruntled employee” behind the Hayden/Page Six report is former Opie & Anthony Show producer Ben Sparks, who was let go from the program in July 2006.

Showing his belief that such a tape does not exist, Opie offered $100,000 cash to anyone who can produce a copy.

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