Hard to Believe... Strange But True Cell Phone Stories

In this day and age, owning a cell phone is about as special as using your tooth brush every night before bed. For some people, however, these gadget must-haves cause more trouble than they're worth. For others, they are literally a life-saver.

Either way, they often make life just a bit more odd. To celebrate the weird world cell phones have created, Switched presents to you Strange But True Cell Phone Stories. >>

Grandmother Fights Off a Taser Attack with Her Cell Phone ...

It sure makes sense that they call this great country of ours the Home of the Brave, considering what a grandmother from Speake, AL went through this past February. It appears that an intruder tried to force his way into the elderly woman's home, and, according to police, even tried to taser her in the process.

The astounding part of the story is that she claims that she was tasered, but managed to use the cell phone she was carrying to fight him off. The reports are sketchy as to how the woman shrugged off a possible taser jolt and sent the criminal packing with nothing more than a mobile handset, but we can say that we see a WWE appearance in her near future for sure.

The Bank Robber Who
Wouldn't Turn Off the Phone

Here's one for the multi-tasker in all of us: A bank in Alabama was recently held up by a robber who didn't find it necessary to get off of the phone while committing the crime.

Surveillance footage shows the man pointing a firearm at a teller and demanding money, all while conducting a conversation on his cell phone. All we want to know is, why didn't Pacino think of this one in 'Heat'?

$85,000 Cell Phone Bill

No joke: A Canadian man was hit with an $85,000 cell phone bill after buying a new phone and what he thought was a $10 unlimited data plan. While Piotr Staniaszek imagined that tethering the phone to his laptop and downloading to his hearts delight was kosher, wireless carrier Bell Mobility had other ideas.

The service provider informed the oil worker that using the phone as a modem was not covered under his plan, and it proceeded to charge him on a per-kilobyte basis. As a token of "goodwill," the company eventually lowered the bill to only $3,243. Something tells us Staniaszek wasn't impressed by the evil corporate discount...

$22,000 'Friends' Download

Whoever said 'Friends' don't cost a thing? A man from the United Kingdom received a bill for about $22,000 after his wife downloaded four episodes of the popular TV show from his cell phone.

Apparently, she began downloading shortly before the man left for business in Germany, where roaming charges made the bill skyrocket as the downloads continued. The good news is that one of the episodes the couple downloaded was the one where - eh, never mind.

Text Messages Sent
From The Grave

In 'Ghost', a 1990 romantic tearjerker, Patrick Swayze's character needed Oda Mae Brown to contact his beloved wife from beyond the grave. These days, it seems as though the deceased can stay in contact without a middleman. Well, sort of.

Englander Frank Jones claims that his wife, Sadie, has been sending him text messages from the afterlife, leaving no return number behind. Turns out the family buried Sadie with her prized cell phone, and now Jones believes his wife's spirit has a hankering to reach out and touch someone. Here's hoping Oda Mae finds a new line of work...


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